God has been very faithful to remind me doing a blog is not about me.  It is not about getting my writings published.    It is about being obedient to the Lord and sharing with everyone who stops by to read my posts how I Lean on Jesus daily in this royal mess we call Life.  I am called to let my light shine by posting what He gives me on this blog and leave the results with the Lord.  To be honest, I lost sight of that concept. 

This blog has been a very long time in going public! I tried, once before.  It just didn’t seem to work for me.  Life got busy, I got overwhelmed. I wondered if I really should even be doing a blog.   THEN……my husband was out of town for a few days and met a lady who asked him if he knew me. I had written something she read. She found it very helpful at a difficult time in her life and she wanted me to know.  He made a special phone call that evening to tell me all about it.    God kept His thumb in my back.  I wrote things down, but they didn’t make it to a blog.  Another friend mentioned he had visited the old blog recently and signed up for the next time I posted.  I shared with him a few ideas bouncing in my head and heart and he let me know I needed to get those ideas up on the blog. A few months went by and a pastor friend made his way across a very crowded room to talk to me about why I wasn’t posting.  He reminded me he appreciates the things I share and sometimes uses them in his sermon preparation and urged me not to give up.   Still, things didn’t get posted.  Then God got busy talking to me.  You see, He called me to WRITE what He gives me.  He has made it very clear all those pieces I had written are not doing my computer one bit of good.  He gave me all of these pieces to share with others, not to store away on the hard drive of a computer.  Every time I asked about the how and where and with whom I was supposed to share my writings, He kept reminding me about this whole blog thing. 

 Then there was the night I went out to dinner with a new friend.    The most special part of the evening was when this new friend told me it helps her and encourages her when I share about the lessons I have learned in tough times.  She really likes when I share about the times I thought I had totally misunderstood God only to learn I hadn’t misunderstood God at all. After we left the restaurant and I was headed home, the song came over the radio about how telling my story is telling about Jesus. 

Have you noticed how when you start to obey the Lord in some new area that things start going wrong?  First the new laptop developed issues! Every time I started the new blog things went wrong.  All my content disappeared…. and had to be restored from my assorted cds, flash drives, etc.  Windows had to be reinstalled repeatedly.   How does an internal hard drive totally erase itself when the computer is unplugged and turned off? I was using a good antivirus and malware, etc.   When the laptop came home from its visit to the computer repair shop there were still issues…..The computer shop where I had purchased the laptop told me if I brought it in one more time they were just going to get me a different machine entirely. 

Then came health issues and hospital stays.  Now, several YEARS later, cataracts, more health issues  and after COVID and a very crazy TAX Season (we have a tax business) here I am to share the things I have learned as I “Lean on Jesus during this royal mess of life!” 

Stop by again soon.  I promise to have something fresh to share with you! 

This week though, Lean on Jesus. Ask Him to be the peace between you and the chaos that reigns all around.  That practice alone always gets me through when life spins totally out of control! 

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